Choose Your Activities

You don’t want to miss out on any activities available on your Polar Holidays Adventure! Many cruises have multiple options for activities.

Kayak through ice fields, Photograph wildlife and scenery found nowhere else on the planet, Camp on ice, Cross country ski or snowshoe, or re-explore expeditions of the past. We have activities that will peak any interest. Look at the activities below, and then call us to plan your Polar Holidays Adventure.

Not all activities are available on all cruises, and some are included the cost of your cruise.

Contact a Polar Holidays Travel Adviser to learn more about the adventure options, including physical requirements and availability.

Sea Kayaking

Imagine yourself paddling around the polar waters in a sea kayak, alongside towering icebergs  and watching sea life swim just out of reach. We do recommend previous experience and basic kayaking skills to participate in this activity, everything you will need is provided.  You will be part of a small group, typically led by a qualified Kayak guide with cold water experience.  Kayak adventures and experience requirements will vary by trip, so please ask a Polar Holidays Travel Adviser about the different offerings.

Activities_Camping_Elke Lindner

Camping on the Ice

Experience a camping trip that few others have had – a night in the deep silence of the Antarctic sky! Your overnight adventure on a pristine ice shelf of Antarctica will be tranquil and peaceful, with only by the call of a penguin or the sound of cracking icebergs in the distance.

After dinner you’ll board a Zodiac with an experienced guide, who will choose the spot and instruct you how to set up your tent. The location and weather, and number of passengers will dictate how many nights you might spend sleeping on the ice, so please ask a Polar Holidays Travel Adviser about the different options.



There are many discoveries that cannot be accessed by foot, so a snowshoe adventure can provide an experience like no other. Typically, snowshoeing is only available early in the season, and space is limited.

Snowshoe adventures vary by trip, so please ask a Polar Holidays Travel Adviser about the different offerings.


If you are fit enough to handle a four-hour trek across rugged terrain, consider mountaineering on those tours where it is offered. You will snowshoe to where the Antarctic foothills begin, then change into crampons and climb your way up to some of the best views available on the Antarctic Peninsula. All equipment, guides and instructions are provided. Ask your Polar Holidays Travel Adviser about the trips that include mountaineering.



Bring your camera and learn tips from the pros! The trips that include a Photography Activity feature seminars as well as extended shore excursions with a expert photographer to give instruction and help you take great photos to show your friends and family about your incredible Polar Holidays Adventure.



The best way to see the Antarctic and Arctic regions is by exploring on foot. Most trips offer a walk or hike of various difficulty, so you can choose between an easy stroll or strenuous hike to see the spectacular sights. Hiking participation is optional and your Expedition Team will advise you of what you can expect prior to each excursion. The Polar Regions can be hostile with specific dangers such as Polar Bears, glaciers and difficult weather conditions. Therefore passengers are never allowed to go on individual walks or excursions.

Polar Diving

Polar Diving

As if visiting the Arctic or Antarctic wasn’t other-worldly enough there is a whole other world for you to explore – under the surface of the seas. Diving under Polar waters is like no other dive – the combination of water, sunlight, and ice formations creates an ever-shifting spectacle of colors.

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