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Polar Holidays has been traveling and booking expedition cruises to the Polar Region for almost 20 years. We are familiar with the seasons, the destinations and the environments. We love to share our deep passion for the Polar Regions with travelers and explorers. You can expect to be enriched by our in-depth knowledge of the Arctic and Antarctic Regions and dazzled by the incredible landscapes and wildlife unique to the area on one of our luxurious cruise ships. Our experienced operators are here to help you choose the best tour for your needs and interests. We offer door-to-door service, taking care of the details so you can enjoy the cruise of a lifetime. If you have questions about a tour, please send us a message using the form below, or  you can also email

When contacting us by e-mail, please give us as much information as possible
  • Time of year and length of time you are able to travel
  • Your budget, i.e. the price range per person you are interested in
  • How many people will be traveling in your party. (Gender is important for shared berth options, please share gender of travelers to help us determine suitability.)
  • Travel Preference: Luxury or expedition type ship
  • Preferred Cabin Type (least expensive, midrange with windows, most expensive – suites, balcony)
  • Adventure activities you want to learn more about (such as Camping and Kayaking)
  • Are you willing to share a bathroom with another cabin or multiple cabins

This information will help us select tours that would be best for your trip — we will respond as soon as we compile tour proposals meeting your criteria.


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