Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to visit Antarctica?

Ask anyone who has taken a cruise to Antarctica and you will undoubtedly be regaled with stories about amazing landscapes, historic sites and exotic wildlife. Antarctica is unique and spectacular but the change in seasons affects the experience. So what is the best time to cruise to Antarctica?

What kind of ships cruise to Antarctica?

Your Antarctic adventure can be aboard a luxurious all-suite yacht, with marble-appointed bathrooms with fine toiletries that accommodates over 100 passengers, or you can opt for a comfortable, standard hotel experience, in a more intimate environment.

What activities are available on a Polar Cruise?

Kayak through ice fields, Photograph wildlife and scenery found nowhere else on the planet, Camp on ice, Cross country ski or shoeshoe a Polar Circle, or re-explore expeditions of the past. Not every cruise has every activity available. Read more about the Activities, and then call us to plan a Polar Holiday that you will remember for a lifetime.

What kind of wildlife will I see in the Antarctic?

Visitors to the Antarctic are usually treated to sightings of several types of whales, penguins, birds and seals as they inhabit, hunt and play in their natural surroundings

What Historical Monuments Can I See on an Antarctic Cruise?

Antarctica’s unique historical monuments are part of the draw. Cruisers may see historic huts dating back 100 years, industrial tractors and even a nuclear power plant. There are no less than 85 sites and monuments that have been recognized as a historic site or monument by the Antarctic Treaty System.

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