Map of GreenlandGreenland is the largest island on the planet, and the least populated country in the world. Most of the island is within the Arctic Circle, and the majority of the island is covered by the Northern Ice Cap, so the waters surrounding the northern shores remain frozen all year. Ice as thick as two miles can be found in the middle of the island, creating incredible mountaineering opportunities.

The History of the island goes back as far as Eric the Red and his band of Vikings who settled on the southwestern coast. There is evidence of Norse habitation for 500 years, but during the Little Ice Age their settlements disappeared. The inhabitants of the island are now mostly the Inuit peoples who have populated the region for nearly 1000 years.

The seat of power was formed in the area now known as Qassiarsuk, while other members of the group headed north and established themselves near present day Nuuk, now the country’s capital.

A variety of adventures await your trip to Greenland — favorites include:

  • Explore the Snowy west coast of Greenland on mountain skiis or snowshoes
  • Climb a 1000m peak in Taaterat Glacier
  • Sail among the highest alpine mountains in West Greenland.
  • See remains of centuries-old villages dating to before the Inuit
  • Float among enormous icebergs
  • Ilulissat Icefjord, a World Heritage Site
  • A Medieval Viking Cathedral
  • Bathe in a hot spring surrounded by icebergs
  • Spectacular displays of the Aurora Borealis

Depending on the trip and time of year, some of the wildlife you may see includes:

  • Whales: belugas, blues, fins, Greenland whales (a.k.a. bowhead whales), minkes, narwhals, humpback and sperm whales
  • Reindeer
  • High Arctic bird species such as Long-tailed Skua, Turnstone and Grey Phalarop
  • Musk Oxen
  • White Tailed Eagles
  • Polar Bears

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West Greenland: Disko Bay

Vast stretches of unspoiled wilderness await modern-day adventurers in the magical realm of West Greenland’s Disko Bay, home to some of the best whale watching in the country. Explore the natural wonders from the impressive Ilulissat Icefjord (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and breathtaking Eqip Sermia glacier to the red heart-shaped mountain of Uummannaq and the incredible volcanic rock formations of Qeqertarsuaq, as well as traditional Inuit villages.


Starting At: $4,995.00

Greenland Kayak Exploring
Greenland Explorer: Valleys and Fjords

Greenland is Europe’s final frontier: its grandeur is unquestionable and yet unknown to most travelers. Sailing along Greenland’s coast is the best way to sample the rich history and diversity of this beautiful and dramatic country and to encounter an ancient culture surviving in a modern world.


Starting At: $4,995.00