Top 5 Reasons to Book a Greenland Cruise Tour

Are you interested in taking a trip to an island destination within the Arctic Circle where excellent opportunities for mountaineering awaits, with huge icebergs around? Do you want to land on an ice covered landscape which looks like a fantasy and has crisp air to inhale? If you are like other travelers who feel an […]

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3 Best Reasons to Book Antarctica Cruise Now

Introducing Antarctica – Antarctica is a land unlike any other. It’s charm lies in its  isolation, raw beauty, and unique climate and wildlife.The landscape  touches your heart unlike any other place you have ever  visited. No traveler to Antarctica can ignore the harsh environment and the numerous wildlife species that inhabit it. In fact, the […]

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Why Visit Antarctica In January? 5 Reasons

If you are seeking adventure, great scenery, unspoiled natural splendor and enthralling wildlife, there is no better place than Antarctica. It is one of the last unexplored frontier on earth. A well-planned Antarctic tour allows you to experience the untamed exquisiteness of the southernmost continent. The journey will allow you to feast your eyes on the eye-catching polar […]

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Arctic Watch Kayak

Choose the Best Time of Year to Visit the Arctic

When planning your trip to the Arctic there are several factors to keep in mind that will make your experience memorable, depending on what sights and activities are important to you. Pack ice is thickest in July and August, so if your hope is to see polar bears this timeframe will be your best opportunity. […]

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Humpback Whales in Antarctica

Arctic Expedition Wildlife Sightings

The Arctic is an exotic region of the globe located around the North Pole and within the Arctic Circle. It is cold, windy and often snowy there and yet communities of people and an abundance of wildlife have called the Arctic home for centuries.

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Gentoo Penguins in Antarctica

See the Exotic Wilderness Offered on a Cruise to Antarctica

A cruise to Antarctica is a chance to experience spectacular wilderness and exotic wildlife. You will see unforgettably beautiful pack ice and ice bergs – the desolate landscape is home to 90 percent of all the ice on the planet! With its in-hospitable winter temperatures and 24 hours of darkness, Antarctica has no permanent residents. […]

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Antarctic Polar Expedition

Top 5 Reasons to Take an Antarctic Polar Expedition

An Antarctic Polar Expedition is a dream trip for great adventurers. Pristine landscapes, fascinating history and exotic wildlife offer a unique experience with memories to last a lifetime. Antarctic cruises takes place in and around the land masses outside of the Antarctic Circle. The cruise season runs during their summer months between October and March.

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Arctic Cruise

How to See the Arctic: Top Reasons to Choose an Arctic Cruise

For those who dream of traveling to see pristine ice and snowscapes teeming with exotic wildlife, the Arctic is the trip of a lifetime. Unlike trips to the Antarctic where the Antarctic circle is not reached, when you visit the Arctic you may spend part or all of your trip inside the Arctic circle. While […]

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Greenland Excursions

Top 5 Reasons to take an Arctic Cruise

If you are an adventurous traveler you may have already been dreaming of seeing some of the world’s most spectacular wilderness in the Polar regions. On an Arctic cruise, visitors may experience a range of countries surrounding the North Pole. The Arctic cruise season runs in the warmer months between April and September when pack […]

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Polar Cruise

The Arctic vs. Antarctica. Choose the Best Place for your Polar Cruise.

If you are planning a polar cruise, you will be considering between two of the most unique and beautiful regions in the world: the Arctic and Antarctica. Each provides visual splendor, the opportunity to observe wildlife and an unforgettable adventure. When considering your options you may want to identify your biggest interests and choose the […]

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